1300 Highway 107, LaVilla, Texas 78562
(956) 262-4511


Contracting Agencies:U.S. Marshals Service; U.S. Border Patrol; Immigration & Customs Enforcement; Hidalgo County (TX)
Capacity & Security Level:1,088 general population beds, 90 segregation cells, 122 multi-use single cells: minimum, medium and maximum security; male and female offenders
Service Dates:Phase I - 2001; Phase II - 2002; Phase III - 2004; Phase IV - 2005; Phase V - 2007 - 944 total beds; Phase VI - 2008 - added 356 beds

General Information:

EHDC is an 1,300 bed multi-use facility serving federal and local clients. LCS Corrections Services, Inc. acquired this facility in the fall of 2001 and subsequently expanded the facility five times to reach its current bed capacity.  EHDC boasts an extensive transportation department and provides daily transportation of U.S. Marshals Service offenders to federal courthouses in the area.

Warden Rudy Sanchez




Deputy Warden Tim Nicolls, Jr.



 Deputy Warden Hector Garcia